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List of the topics that we deal with in our soft skill training program


1. attitude: way to altitude

2. motivation: a bath to remove the dirt

3. diversity: for broader mind set

4. goal setting: for perfect life

5. time management: to manage self

6. listening: an art of the body

7. communication: letting others know what you want in the best way

8. creativity: uncovering the world of ideas

9. conflict management: looking problem as an object

10. negotiation: getting what you want without hurting others

11. team building: together every one achieves more

12. leadership: being a catalyst

13. personal effectiveness: trimming to a perfect shape

14. positive thinking: the power to do

15. values in/for life in the daily and corporate life: to be pure as an angel

16. friendship: salt of living

17. Love: rhyme? Or crime?

18. success: strategy to grow in life

19. interpersonal skills: for a pleasing personality

20. stress management: ability to leave and live


1. personality development

2. presentation skills

3. group discussions

4. interview techniques

5. body language


1. teachers training program: being a perfect potter

2. student training program: becoming a perfect clay that a potter needs

3. youth development program: the hinge of the world

4. spirituality : the life for life

Enniagram: a psychological look at oneself and the others